Nigel presidents letter           Dear Readers                                                      

Isn’t it wonderful to see the spring again I do hope the cold hasn’t been too hard on you. My focus in this letter is going to be about developments at MS where there have been some very exciting changes.

Have you tried ringing MSL for information or help recently? If you haven’t you are in for a pleasant surprise the next time you do. In fact I recommend you try it soon. MS ConnectTM the telephone face of MS has been greatly upgraded with more staff and a much more helpful approach.

When you ring MS ConnectTM on --1800 042 138 you can expect to be answered by a real person who will be able to help you and will be able to provide you with free information, advice and connections to support and services. So give it a go

MSL also has a new web site which can be accessed at or just put MS into your web browser. You will find the new website much easier to navigate and clearer to read they have worked really hard to make it more reader friendly for people with vision difficulties. Not only is it easier to find the traditional information, there are also some new features including a facility which can help you find support services near you such as allied health services or MS clinics. I recommend you give it a go and if you have any difficulties or have any suggestions about how the website could be further improved the ring MS ConnectTM and let them know.

Incidentally MS (“Multiple Sclerosis Limited”) is the new and very much easier name of what used to be MS Australia-NSW/VIC/ACT.

Not all the news about MS is good, unfortunately the HUB Café has closed which is a sad loss but the facts are that it had become too expensive to run. When the HUB first opened there were very few cafés around Nerve Centre so it was a popular place for people with Multiple Sclerosis, and staff from MS and other offices around to come for morning tea or lunch. This has changed and there are now numerous cafés around and MS has been subsidising the café for a while but this was not sustainable. MS investigated having the café run by volunteers or as a training venue and even contracted it out but all to no avail and it closed a couple of months ago.

I agree that the money it was costing would be better spent on services for people with Multiple Sclerosis but it has left the Nerve Centre feeling much colder and less welcoming. However, it may be a blessing in disguise, the new Café-bar does dispense quite good coffee and it’s free, and I know that MS has plans to improve the accessibility of the building and its facilities and would welcome any suggestions about what sort of services might be economically viable and attract people with Multiple Sclerosis to the Centre.

I would like to finish by congratulating MS Research Australia on being vote Charity of the year in the Australian Charity Awards 2015. MSRA has greatly increased the funding available for MS research in Australia and hopefully this well deserved recognition attracts even more financial support.

Don’t forget our half day seminar at the Nerve Centre on Thursday 12th November (from 10am) which will include the AGM and will feature Sharon Strugnel CEO of BrainLink speaking about services for carers.

Nigel Caswell, President (email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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