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MSAC Vic is recruiting!

Applications are sought from people interested in joining the Victorian MS Advisory Council (MSAC). MSAC is a community advisory board made up of people with MS and carers / family members of people with MS.  The council aims to represent the needs and views of the MS community and reports to the board of MS ACT/NSW/Vic. Applications are sought..


2014 Annual Conference Click here for Playback of the 4 sessions

Recognition from the Minister for Community Services

personal thanks to Anthony and PwMSV mary wooldridge

Research into progressive MS

One of the most exciting pieces of news this year has been the establishment of the Progressive MS Alliance, (an initiative the MS International Federation) to increase research into progressive MS. In September the Alliance announced its first round of funding grants will totalling more than 22 million euro over the next six years going specifically to researchers from nine different countries who are investigating interventions for progressive forms of MS.  Dr Petratos from Monash University has received one of the grants.

Now available from this link is the Transcript of Progressive MS seminar.

 2014 AGM of PwMS Victoria

The 2014 AGM was held at the MS Nerve Centre on Monday 10th November. It was pleasing to see that in addition to PwMS members, the AGM was attended by several MSL staff members including CEO Robyn Hunter. Key elements were

  • Martin Skoneczko, and Zsolt Kovacs were endorsed as being co-opted on to the PwMS committee;
  • Tony Hickson was reappointed as auditor;
  • Presentation; Simone Davey & Jamie Nicholson from the Statewide Equipment Programspoke about the Aids & Equipment Program; its various subprograms and the links to NDIS; the need for claims to be addressed on the basis of priorities rather than in order of receipt; a new approach being taken to procurement, and the outcomes of a recent tender for basic standard items of equipment which will result in savings and enable more claims to be met from the Program’s budget.

 Mobile Phone

The Age Green Pages recently ran an article about a mobile phone very unusual in this day and age in that it can only be used for phone calls: - no camera, no social media, no touch screen, no texting!! The phone is designed to be easy to use even by those of us who are techno dinosaurs or have poor eyesight or a poor memory. Sounds too good to be true but may well appeal to some readers.

Each phone is made to order with a maximum of ten buttons, each button pre-programmed to call one number. The person each button calls is indicated by a photograph or number (even Braille). All you do to make a call is press the button and speak when the call is answered.   Each phone is made only after an order is placed, with the customer choosing the colours, the contact numbers and the information to be displayed on each button. Then according to the article the phone is delivered within 5 working days. [The phone in question is made here in Melbourne by KISA I cannot personally vouch for it but you may find it worth looking at.]

Best wishes to you all for the summer festive season.

Nigel Caswell

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